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Our Journey


Welcome to BFF Boutique. Our passion for good things in life is carefully woven into this business as we endeavor to source out the best for you! 

Hi! I am Ash, a proud Fijian of Indian descent who immigrated to New Zealand in 2012 with my family of 4. I am the Owner/Director of BFF Boutique. This is my happy place and I hope here, you will find your happiness too. I am excited to share this platform with you where we come together to appreciate the world of fashion and beauty in all sizes, shapes and colors.     

BFF Boutique was born out of passion to do something new. Longing for change from 16 years of corporate life eventually led to rejuvenating my creative and entrepreneurial flair. I dreamed up this Boutique to be a melting pot of cultures, a reflection of the beautiful country we live in. Losing a fixed income and starting from scratch wasn't easy but I just could not let go of the opportunity to change my lifestyle. The yearning to do this was greater than the fear of failure. If there was one time in my life I wasn't afraid of change, it was now, it was this! It was BFF Boutique coming to life.
Since then we haven't looked back. Even under these extreme circumstances (Covid-19) we went ahead and expanded. A bold step into Tailoring & Alterations to complement our business, thereby creating local employment for 3 others. It ain't over till it's over...2020 is a year I can never forget, lots of tears, sweat, hard work, sleepless nights and greys! I can't wait to taste the fruits of our labor. 


Symbolizing new beginnings, I  adopted the Koro to start my new lifestyle, stronger and ready to grow with a sense of fulfillment. Having done the hard yards, on 2 October, 2018 we finally opened our doors at 63 Saint George Street, Papatoetoe, Auckland. Oh! what joy it has been meeting the locals and striking up conversations.

It is true, we can learn so much about different cultures simply through conversations on clothes, jewelry and food. BFF Boutique isn't just a shop, it's where we come together making the circle bigger as much as getting deeper into each other's hearts.  


We are a family owned small business and very proud of our humble beginnings. Just like you and any other New Zealander we work hard to meet the needs of our family. We believe our customers are our most valuable assets and we will forever uphold high ethics whilst running this business to success. 




You can shop online from the comfort of your space or indulge in retail therapy at our Papatoetoe Boutique. You are guaranteed same terms & conditions and consumer policies on both platforms. BFF Boutique offers you an exclusive range of classy Island/Polynesian wear and elegant Indo-Western styles. We carefully select and design styles that are trendy, unique, comfortable and most importantly value for money. Our Boutique also offers a selective range of accessories. Fall in love with our versatile oxidized silver jewelry or be mesmerized by the beauty of the cleverly handcrafted Island necklaces and hair pieces. They are sure to turn heads!   

Thank you for hearing us out. We hope that you will connect with us and grow within our circle.

Be Kind, Stay Classy